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Copper oxygen air valve (Angle globe valve)
Product model: JY42W
Nominal diameter: DN15 ~ DN300mm
Nominal pressure: PN2.5 ~ 4.0mpa
Applicable media: oxygen, nitrogen, etc
Applicable temperature: -20~150℃
Operating temperature: normal temperature
Connection type: flange
Main materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze
Product details


Angle oxygen valve is a special valve designed and manufactured to ensure the safe operation of oxygen pipe network according to the operation characteristics of oxygen pipe network and the inflammable and explosive characteristics of oxygen medium.

Valve type: according to the ministry of metallurgy and industry "iron and steel enterprise oxygen pipe network of certain technical provisions" to adopt the cut-off valve.

The main body of Angle type oxygen valve is made of stainless steel or copper alloy with excellent flame retardant. The sealing surface is body or surfacing D802. The other internal parts are made of stainless steel or copper alloy.The lubrication of the transmission part shall be non-combustible grease and shall be marked with obvious no-oil mark.

Structurally, the support is fully closed and equipped with a conducting electrostatic device and a dust cap on the valve stem.

Angle type oxygen valve structure characteristics

I. internal bypass structure is adopted for nominal pressure PN≥ 1.6mpa and DNl25 ~ 200;DN250-500 is constructed with external bypass valve.The purpose is to reduce the pressure difference between front and back of the valve to avoid high flow rate, high scour and high temperature, thus ensuring the safe operation of the oxygen network and reducing the operating torque.

Medium flow direction: PN acuity 1.6 MPa, DN acuities were below the 100 medium by the disc into the disc above (i.e., higher than that of low into), DN 125 medium by disc BuFang inflows or below (high to low) o for DN 125 valve adopts medium or high in low flow, on the one hand, foot in the need of by-pass valve structure, on the other hand, due to the effect of medium pressure valve closing force greatly reduced.

The valve is equipped with a safety device for conducting static electricity to avoid sparks caused by static electricity.

Four, the Angle type oxygen valve and ordinary globe valve, oxygen pipeline with the globe valve support part of the use of a fully closed structure, and when pressing the packing can open the protective cover plate on the support, play the role of anti-oil and dust.And has the obvious oil prohibition mark.

V. all parts are subject to strict degreasing performance specifications

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