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What are the reasons for the vibration of stainless steel diaphragm pump?
Release time:2021-8-20

Even if the water pump manufacturer uses high-quality raw materials and processes to manufacture the water pump, there will still be some abnormalities in the long-term use of the stainless steel diaphragm pump. Among them, the vibration of water pump is common, and there are many reasons for the vibration of unit and pump house building. Specifically, the following reasons will lead to the vibration of stainless steel diaphragm pump:

1、Electrical reasons

The motor is the main device in the stainless steel diaphragm pump unit. If the magnetic force inside the motor is unbalanced and out of balance with other electrical systems, it will cause vibration and noise. For example, when the asynchronous motor is running, the radial alternating magnetic tension of the stator and rotor parts caused by the harmonic flux interaction of the stator and rotor teeth will cause the periodic vibration of the motor.

2、Hydraulic factor

The inlet velocity and pressure of stainless steel diaphragm pump are not evenly distributed, and the working liquid at the inlet and outlet of the pump should be pulsating, liquid flow around, bias flow and flow separation; Non rated working conditions and cavitation of water pump caused by various reasons all lead to vibration of water pump unit. In addition, the rapid change of pressure in the water transmission pipeline and the action of water hammer caused by dynamic transition processes such as pump start-up and shutdown, valve opening and closing, change of working condition and emergency shutdown will also make the pump unit vibrate.

3、Other factors

If the design of the inlet channel of the stainless steel diaphragm pump unit is unreasonable, or does not match the drawing of the unit, the submergence depth of the pump is inappropriate, and the sequence of unit startup and shutdown is unreasonable, the inlet conditions will deteriorate and vortex will be generated, which will not only induce cavitation of the pump, but also aggravate the vibration of the pump unit. The stainless steel diaphragm pump should operate in a stable state. If vibration occurs, it is easy to cause some important parts to fail. Therefore, it is hoped that after the user finds that the water pump unit has vibration, the vibration factors should be eliminated according to the correct operation guidelines of the water pump manufacturer to ensure the stable operation of the water pump.