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Ceramic valve is based on scientific research and innovation to escort the green development of chemical industry
Release time:2021-8-27

   With the higher and higher degree of social and economic development, people have higher and higher requirements for the construction of ecological civilization. It is people's common expectation to realize the green development of all walks of life. If the production equipment is backward and the product R & D ability is weak, it is obviously unrealistic to achieve the goal of green development. In the process of chemical industry development, it is natural to be inseparable from various valves. Traditional metal valves are more obvious in the process of use, that is, poor corrosion resistance, poor durability and prone to "running and dripping" and other problems. These shortcomings not only affect the continuity of chemical equipment work, but also may have an impact on ecology. With the progress of science and technology, it is possible to upgrade chemical valves. With the hard work of scientific and technological personnel, ceramic valves came into being, which played a great complementary role in solving the shortcomings of metal valves.

   The chemical industry gives people the impression of high pollution and high energy consumption, which has a great destructive force on the ecology. However, with the help of science and technology, it is possible for the chemical industry to move towards green development. With the help of science and technology, it will help to realize the combination of industrial development and ecological civilization protection. The emergence of ceramic valves is conducive to the sustainable development of chemical industry and the protection of ecological civilization.

   Compared with traditional metal valves, ceramic valves have the following advantages: first, they have high scientific and technological content. Ceramic valves are relatively new scientific and technological R & D achievements. With the efforts of valve R & D personnel, ceramic valves have overcome technical difficulties, overcome technical bottlenecks, and improve China's valve manufacturing technology guided by science and technology, Perfect application in valve R & D and production. Second, the precision is higher. Compared with traditional valves, ceramic valves pay more attention to fine grinding, exquisite size of each part, close combination of all parts, and optimal design of internal structure, so as to make the internal structure more ideal. The precision quality of ceramic valves can avoid the problem of "dripping, leaking and emitting" during the use of ceramic valves, Thus, it is helpful to realize the green production of chemical industry. Third, the durability is better. The traditional metal valve is seriously worn after being used for a period of time, which restricts the service life of the valve. The ceramic itself has good wear resistance, coupled with the deep application of high technology in the R & D and manufacturing of ceramic valves, which makes the service life of ceramic valves more lasting.

   The advent of ceramic valves is conducive to the development of green chemical industry and the progress of ecological civilization.