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The double carbon goal drives the upgrading of the butterfly valve industry
Release time:2022-8-26

Today, when the "dual carbon" cause is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the green cause has become a brand-new carrier for economic development. It is quietly and silently leveraging the green economy of up to 700,000 yuan. While giving birth to new business forms, it is also the foundation represented by the valve industry. The industry has pointed the way forward, and the valve industry has officially entered a new track of green environmental protection, and has become the market darling of the new era with its outstanding environmental protection characteristics.

As a small part in a large-scale project, how did the valve become the green key of the enterprise?

First, the contribution to the environmental protection industry. Take the butterfly valve as an example. Although the butterfly valve is only one of the thousands of components in the overall project, it plays a very important role. The application of butterfly valves covers many industries, and the environmental protection and pollution control industry is also one of them. With a more reasonable internal structure, the parts complement each other and cooperate with each other, which reduces the failure rate of the product. At the same time, the strict material selection also increases the tolerance of the butterfly valve to different media, and the performance of anti-corrosion and anti-interference can be improved. The promotion of environmental protection projects such as sewage prevention provides a driving force.

Second, the product's own environmental protection features make it more widely covered in the industry. Environmental protection and low carbon have become the only way for the development of all industries. Any enterprise shoulders the future destiny of mankind. The environmental protection of butterfly valves itself adds a boost to the green strength of the enterprise.

If the product structure is missing by the slightest, the performance of the product will be far worse. To develop a product, it is necessary to: not only reduce the pollution generated in the production process of the butterfly valve, but also enhance the environmental protection performance of the butterfly valve, reduce its maintenance, The cost of maintenance reduces the impact of the entire project on the environment from the perspective of product strength.

The environmental protection ability of a butterfly valve may be limited, but the accumulation of products all over the country can make a huge contribution to the cause of green environmental protection. In the increasingly mature environmental protection track in the future, the valve industry will continue to shoulder the corporate social responsibility, and use high-quality, high-performance products to help the implementation of the "double carbon" goal from one subtle point after another.